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PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:14 pm    Post subject: g6r feedneck woes Reply with quote

The first time my g6r feedneck popped off I was diving in a snake and thought my hopper had just popped out of the locking feedneck, but was dismayed to find that the pressure held feedneck had just popped clean off hopper and all. It wasn't going to just go back on without a tool, and a tool I had not. So I spent that game hand feeding balls until I got plastered mid snake. Ever since then I had intermittent trouble with it popping off in the same way, until finally after another ruined game, I decided to put in some set screws. This worked for a while, until one day it popped off despite 3 set screws. Now I was in trouble. The neck part was torn up enough that it didn't matter where I put the screws or how, it wasn't staying on the gun with a full hopper adding it's torque.
Of course I had already called BLAST about this, and they pleaded ignorance to any such issues.
Finally I resorted to JB welding to hold the feedneck on, whcih worked for a few outings, but would let go at silly times like in the staging area with the gun leaning against a table. In any case it had become completely unreliable, despite being a really great shooting gun.
After the last bout of falling off, I decided I had to either buy a new body, which I was loathe to do because of the expense and the insult to tinkerdom or... So I called Zack at Blast and he told me that the the bit of body that the neck attaches to can stretch, and the way to fix this is to file down the inside of the pressure part of the feedneck. Thanks for telling me this NOW. He also agreed to sell me a new body for a lower rate, though if I had to get a new body I planned on sending him the old so he could see that I wasn't just trying to make a second g6 out of spare parts on the cheap. I tried the new sizing of feedneck, but the scarring on the body was too much and the integrity of the hold failed again, this time just before walking onto the field at a game indoors airball. ARGH.
SO plan C goes into effect. Tapping out the inside of the body for a screw-in locking feedneck. I bought a tap for the size of Ion feednecks (13/16) a 3/4" bit and have been trying to tap this baby to fit decently. It's not biting as well as I hoped, the tap isn't cutting well because the threads are very shallow and 3/4 is just a RCH too thick. But round2 of the effort is coming up. Once and if I tap this baby, I'll take an old broken feedneck for the g6 and use it as a holding ring around the body nipple so it doesn't start to split... Tinkering still.
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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2014 3:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So what were the results?
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